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Welcome to Vagabundos Mainland Caravans for 2020. If any of these interest you, please register using the "book" link above.


Jan 2020 Yucatan

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This is proposed to depart from from Mission,Texas on Jan 5th, and cross back at Nogales, Az (Possible Laredo option). It will be 90 days long. This will be oriented towards Archaeological sites, both in the Yucatan and around Mexico City. You can view latest prices HERE. They are subject to change, but you are guaranteed the lowest price after you pay a deposit. There will be plenty of beach time on each trip and we will also visit the Chiapas highlands and Mexico City. Please note there is more dry camping on this route and it may not be suitable for larger rigs, check with paul at if you are not sure.




Jan Copper Canyon

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This trip leaves Nogales on Jan 19th and travels down the west coast as far as Teacapan, which is 100 mile south of Mazatlan. It inlcudes train & hotels in Copper Canyon. There is over a week of beach time. There will likely be some stayover options to join the Spring Yucatan or Colonial group coming through near the end of March.


Jan Copper Canyon/Colonial

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This 65 day trip will leave Nogales on Jan 19th and is an extension to the Copper Canyon trip, above. It will travel to Durango, then through the colonial interior and up the west coast.




We have been serving RVers in Mexico for over 20 years. Your extra costs include vehicle permits, fuel, auto insurance & road tolls. We also run stand alone bus tours in Mexico.

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Everyone needs Mexican insurance. Vagabundos sells insurance to its members at good rates. See


Our customers safety is our first consideration. We utilize toll highways as much as possible. Your chance of having an accident is far reduced. Our tours are usually escorted by the Green Angels, the Mexican equivalent of AAA. They are excellent mechanics and are in radio contact with the police and Mexico city. They do not charge for labor, only parts. Certain tours with only a few rigs may not have Green Angel escorts, but they can be summoned in case of problems. You will be pre-notified if this is the case.